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Aaron Raney

Hi, My name is Aaron Raney and I am a NASM certified personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition coach. I am a Colorado native that now resides in Kansas with my wife and 4 children.  I really like to help people to change their life and get healthier. I like to see you change and see the happiness it brings to you and your family. I want my clients to succeed. I have been working out on and off all my life from wrestling from about age 5 all the way to high school. I was a pipeline welder for 14 years and traveled all over the United States and this contributed to me developing bad, unhealthy eating habits. I was not happy with the way I looked and felt and didn't enjoy the lifestyle I was living so I started working out at the gym and that is where my passion for helping others started. It was then that I wanted to help others look and feel better and to help them improve their overall health. I decided to get certified so I could help others achieve a body transformation. I hope to help as many as I can from Great Bend and beyond to get their life back. 

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